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Tropical Biology (BIOL 50903)

This course introduces students to the animals, plants, and ecosystems of the New World tropics, and the provides them with the opportunity to conduct their own research project in Costa Rica. Lecture topics include tropical climate and ecosystems, evolutionary patterns in the tropics, and conservation of biodiversity. The field experience in Costa Rica exposes students to coastal ecosystems (tide pools, coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrass beds) as well as cloud forest, pre-montane rainforest, lowland rainforest, and tropical dry forest habitats. This semester long course is offered in the spring semester of odd years and meets on T/R for lecture each week and a 10-day trip to Costa Rica, including 2 travel days, over Spring Break. We visit cloud forests, the south Caribbean coast, the TCU Research Station in the central mountains, and the river systems and tropical dry forest of the northern Pacific. During the extended stay at the TCU Research Station, students will work in groups to conduct their research projects in pre-montane rainforest habitat.

Costa Rica Field Station

Next Offered: Spring Semester 2021
Travel Dates: Spring Break 2021
Open to: Students that have completed 6 hours of BIOL


Marine Biology of the Tropics (BIOL 50803)

This course provides an introduction to the marine animals, plants, and ecosystems of the New World tropics. Lecture topics include tropical oceanography and ecosystems, evolutionary patterns in the tropics, island biogeography, and conservation of marine biodiversity. This semester long course consists of two hours of lecture each week and one week of field work in Belize. During this trip students will spend five nights at the IZE Marine Station on Southwater Caye, where they will explore various marine habitats (coral reefs, mangroves, beaches and seagrass beds). Additionally, they will spend two days on mainland Belize visiting the rainforest of the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Belize Zoo.

Next Offered: Spring Semester 2022
Travel Dates: Spring Break 2022
Open To: Students that have completed 6 hours of BIOL


Healthcare Practice in Rwanda (BIOL 40703/NURS 30063)

This summer program aims to give the students the ability to learn firsthand Rwanda's healthcare system under the guidance of local healthcare officials, nurses, community workers, and doctors.  Students participating in this course will visit and observe the different levels of healthcare delivery present in the country.  Students will attend courses on global health, with an emphasis on infection control.  Students will also participate in public health activities. Throughout the trip, students will be collecting data and information relevant to their research paper. Students will also have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the people and culture of Rwanda.

Next Offered: Summer 2021
Travel Dates: June 1-21, 2021
Open To: Students that have completed 6 hours of BIOL or equivalent