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Research is central to the mission of the TCU Biology Department. Our faculty and students conduct cutting-edge research that seeks to answer some of today’s most pressing biomedical and ecological questions. On the biomedical side, we have groups studying the structure of key proteins involved in the development of breast cancer, the impacts of stress on the development of Alzheimer’s disease, novel methods of cancer drug delivery, and the development of antibiotic resistance in the bacteria that causes anthrax. On the ecological side, our faculty-student teams study the genetic basis of migration in trout, mercury contamination in the environment and the effects on lakes, game fish, songbirds, and insects, the impacts of hormone mimicking chemicals on aquatic organisms, the impacts of wind energy on wildlife, ways to prevent the spread of invasive mussels in Texas waterways, and the evolution of carnivorous plants. We even have a research team dedicated the conservation of the horned lizard, TCU’s mascot!

Through hands-on research experiences, we share our curiosity and love of scientific discovery with our students. Research provides our students with unique and memorable learning opportunities that deepen their understanding of biology, expose them to the process of scientific inquiry, and sharpen their problem solving skills. In addition, our students regularly publish their research and attend scientific meetings to present their findings, providing them with avenues for developing communication skills.

Support Our Research: You can help our Department expand student research opportunities by making a donation today. Donations of any size are appreciated. Donations of $3600 are typically sufficient to provide stipends for summer research conducted by graduate students or yearlong research experiences for students, including research supplies and travel to scientific conferences.

To donate, visit and under “Gift Information”, select “Other – User Input Text” and enter “TCU Biology Student Research Support” in the comment box.