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Message for Fall 2020

A Message to Students in Fall 2020 Psychology Classes

You have probably noticed that most of our fall psychology classes have been designated as online courses. Our larger class sizes make it impossible to meet physical distancing requirements in most traditional classroom spaces, so this step has been taken for all of our safety. We are disappointed that we won‘t get to see you face to face in our classes this fall, but please know that we are every bit as eager to teach and engage with you as always!

Our faculty are undergoing extensive training to redesign our classes for pre-planned online delivery and have put a lot of work into reimagining what a great psychology course looks like in an online environment. Each course is going to look different, as each of our faculty has a unique personal style and unique content to teach, but all classes will meet synchronously at their scheduled class times and you can expect lots of interaction with your instructor and other students in your class. Our faculty are teacher-scholars who have contributed important work to the science and practice of psychology and love nothing more than sharing their firsthand knowledge of our field in the classroom. Temporarily moving our classrooms to online won’t change that at all! Although we’d rather be with you in person, we’ll keep giving you our 100% best. Feel free to reach out to your professors to learn more about what to expect from your psychology class(es) this fall!

Our faculty are also committed to continue providing stellar research experiences and mentoring, along with professional development opportunities, to students who are signed up to do research in our labs this fall. Please feel free to contact our faculty for information about research opportunities, or if you are already signed up to work in a lab, contact your faculty supervisor for information about what the fall semester will look like and what you will be doing.

As always, our faculty will hold office hours – either virtually on Zoom or in person – during which they will be available to chat with you one on one. This semester it is more important to us than ever to stay connected with you, so please connect!

Also, our chapter of Psi Chi – the International Honor Society in Psychology – will be operating this fall and offering activities for members and nonmembers. Stay tuned for more information!

The last few months have been challenging for you in myriad ways. Each and every one of you has been deeply affected by ongoing events, as has all of our society. We are here to help you progress toward your TCU degree so that you can go out into the world with the knowledge and critical thinking skills to contribute to making it a better place than it is right now. We look forward to spending time with you this fall, even if mostly virtually. If you have questions, please contact Cindy Hayes in the psychology department office ( or department chair Anna Petursdottir ( or 817-257-6412).