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Recent Publications

“Dimensions of sucrose solutions in the successive negative contrast effect.”

Ruiz-Salas, J.C., de la Casa, L.G., & Papini, M.R.

Learning & Motivation,

“Frustrative nonreward: Chemogenetic inactivation of the central amygdala abolishes the effect of reward downshift without affecting alcohol intake. ”

Guarino, S., Conrad, S.E., & Papini, M.R.

Neurobiology of Learning & Memory,

“Intraventricular murine Aβ infusion elicits hippocampal inflammation and disrupts the consolidation, but not retrieval, of conditioned fear in C57BL6/J mice. ”

White, J.D., Urbano, C., Taylor, J., Peterman, J.L., Cooksey, M., Cooper, B., Chumley, M.J., & Boehm, G.W.

Behavioural Brain Research,

“Do judgments of learning modify older adults' actual learning?”

Tauber, S.K., & Witherby, A.E.

Psychology and Aging,

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