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Whether you are an undergraduate or PhD candidate, work with faculty in the classroom and research laboratory to understand the central sciences and contribute to what is known about the world around us through authentic research.



Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Reported to the Journal of the American Chemical Society

Predicting the outcomes of organic reactions with multiple transition states, intermediates and products represents a daunting challenge to experimental design and computational modeling.  A new functional for DFT calculations advanced by the Truhlar Group, TCU's Janesko Group and Gaussian, Inc. has taken a step forward in meeting these challenges.  The work was just reported in the Journal of the American Chemical Society ( (continue reading)

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Our goal is for every student in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to have hands-on experience in cutting-edge chemical research, as well as opportunities to interact with leading researchers across the discipline. Your donation to the Neilson, Minter, or Ruth Evelyn Sanders funds can help support these goals. Donations of any size are appreciated. Donations of $4000 or above to the Neilson or Minter funds can typically support a single undergraduate research experience. Donations of $500 or above to the Sanders fund can support bringing a nationally recognized researcher to visit TCU. 

To donate, click here to visit TCU Giving  and under “Gift Information”, select “Other – User Input Text” and enter Dr. Rob Neilson Chemistry Fund, Dr. David Minter Chemistry Research Endowment, or Sanders Chemistry Lectureship  for your gift designation in the comment box.   You can also give your gift in honor of/memory of a chemistry professor that had an impact on your life.