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Dean’s Message – September 2018

Greetings from the College of Science & Engineering,

Phil HartmanI can recall when my research lab in Winton-Scott Hall was a dark, foreboding suite of small rooms with a decidedly circa 1960’s look. Our teaching labs were not much better. Fortunately, that all began to change in 2001 when TCU’s Board of Trustees committed revenue to systematically reshore (renovate) existing facilities across campus. The College of Science & Engineering has been the primary beneficiary with an estimated $83 million dollars spent since 2001 to reshore major portions of Winton-Scott Hall, the Sid W. Richardson Building, the Anne Richardson Bass Building and even (twice!) the relatively new (2000) Tucker Technology Center. That’s right, $83 million. This past summer alone we not only reshored selected classrooms in Sid Richardson, spiffed up the Pre-Health Professions Institute office, but also did substantial work to Tucker, including:

  • Adding additional offices for anticipated faculty growth, particularly in the Department of Computer Science
  • Creating a fourth dedicated senior design laboratory for the Department of Engineering and a dedicated classroom/laboratory for the popular non-majors computer science course
  • Relocating the computer Science, engineering, and mathematics department chairs and their administrative assistants in close proximity to their respective faculty.

I count this as another step forward for the College. We are only as good as our faculty, staff and students, but bricks and mortar are good enablers. When you have occasion to visit campus, I hope you will not only admire TCU’s new buildings, awestruck by those under current construction, but also wander through our College’s buildings. They may look old on the outside but they are young on the inside.

It’s just one more reason we can justifiably take pride in the College of Science & Engineering.

As always, I invite you to submit your news to Class Notes at, and to contact me at with any newsletter comments and achievements.


Phil Hartman
Dean of the College of Science & Engineering

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