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  Department of Psychology

Visit website: www.psy.tcu.edu


Department office: Winton-Scott 240 - Maps: www.maps.tcu.edu
Phone: 817.257.7410

The Department of Psychology consists of sixteen full-time faculty members, out of which fourteen are full-time tenure track research faculty and two focus exclusively on undergraduate teaching and mentoring. Two faculty members are co-directors of the Institute of Behavioral Research, one is Director of the Center for Applied Psychology, and one is Associate Director of the Institute of Child Development. The research faculty all teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, publish their research consistently in top-tier scientific journals, and currently mentor twenty-nine students in the Ph.D. program. There are four research areas: neuroscience, learning, cognitive, social, and quantitative psychology. Two new research faculty in the social psychology area have recently acquired a biopack system for monitoring physiological functions and eye tracking during social behavior, and are in the process of acquiring virtual reality hardware and software for presenting and measuring responses to social interactions. The Behavioral Neuroscience research group recently acquired the 4-channel extracellular electrophysiological equipment for the study of brain neural activity.

Degrees offered: B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., and Ph.D.


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